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Oklahoma City, OK

STARSHIP REPUBLIC online casting call for principal characters

     .: Casting call opens at 2:00 am November 15, 2015
     .: Casting call closes at 11:59 pm on December 1, 2015

STARSHIP REPUBLIC is looking for actors to play characters who are ages 20 to 50 years old for work on a new STAR TREK fan film web series. Filming will take place in Oklahoma City, OK and producers are looking for talent that are available to work multiple days on set.

To audition for a principal role on "STARSHIP REPUBLIC", check out the casting call details below:


.: We are looking for actors to join the cast
.: You do not have to be a professional, but DO need some acting experience
.: Please email a photo of yourself and PHONE NUMBER to ray@starshiprepublic.com
.: Please include your HEIGHT and a RESUME of your working experience
.: If available, include a link to your DEMO REEL or previous work you have done

Filming dates and photo shoot are currently TBD

If you are not available to travel to Oklahoma City and/or do not fit the descriptions, please do not apply!

Here are the roles we are casting for:

Our captain has been in command of the Republic for just over 3 years and has found it to be exhaustive. He is mid-forties to early fifties, just over six feet tall, handsome and articulate. He is also married with 2 young sons who live on his home planet of Earth Colony Ostara 3.

The first officer is mid-to-late forties, swarthy, of either Venezuelan or Portuguese descent, and performs diverse skills with equal efficiency. He is powerfully built, fluent in a variety of alien languages and like the captain, a seasoned commander.

Please note: this part has been cast.

The doctor is the Republic’s Chief Medical Officer and a long-time friend of both the captain and his family. He is fifty-ish, married with three children, and feels that one day he will be united with his family and resume in his medical practice on Earth.

The feisty man of some fifty-five years, he is known to the Republic crew only as “Chief” and his prowess is renowned throughout Starfleet. He had overseen the refit of the Republic when she was pressed back into service and as a result, he knows the inner-workings of the ship better than no other officer.

The Republic’s communications officer is a trained lieutenant commander as well. She is in somewhere in her twenties (and will never reveal her actual age) and a skilled linguist of hundreds of alien languages. She has served on the Republic for just over a year.

In Starfleet only eight months, our navigator is the son of the another Starfleet captain and has quickly mastered the art of navigation. Nearly twenty years old, his lifelong dreams were nurtured on his father’s tall tales.

Please note: this part has been cast

Non-recurring roles:

NOTE: We also have several non-recurring roles that we are casting for as well. So if you can't commit to an on-going role, one of these characters may be good for you. We encourage you to submit your credentials.

** If you are unable to travel to Oklahoma City and/or do not fit the descriptions, please do not apply**

Thanks for checking us out. This is going to be a fun ride!!!

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.: live long and prosper!

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